Training Projects


Your DigiVital Bank

tu caja digivital

This project is based on the idea of self-reliance and personal empowerment through technology. People will learn how to take advantage of new digital platforms by using different digital banking options in rural environments.

Your Digivital Bank is totally free for participants and is made of two 3 hours sessions . This consecutive sessions will be focussed on losing any fear towards this technology and security tips on how to make basic operations. The use of online banking, purchasing and managing your digital bank from your smartphone will suddenly become a simple routine.


The Regionerate project aims to bring coaching and mentoring to entrepreneurship in rural areas. For that purpose, TheWorldIsWine methodology is applied: coaching and mentoring paired with wine.

It works towards showing all the great cultural possibilities, the area has to offer, and promoting the rural world entrepeneurship.

Regionerate organises several events throughout Spain so young people can hear first-hand experiences about different people who have already tried to change the world.