Sport Projects


rioja trail series

The Rioja Trial Series was born as a way to show La Rioja as a suitable sport tourism destination.Taking advantage of the growing love for running and the demand of runners to seek attractive events, this idea in which mountain sports ,culture, tourism and nature merge blossomed .

During the course, the participants will enjoy unique natural landscapes and a very pleasant atmosphere among the runners. In addition, it is designed to link cultural and gastronomic worlds of the area. It is all about making a 360º tour of La Rioja.

Different levels are available. It has three trails that will suit all beginners and experts. The idea is to find a new way of promoting the province of La Rioja and improve the local economy during the dates of the activity.

duatlon cuna de mi lengua

The Cuna de Mi Lengua Duathlon is a test that combines a running route and biking track. This couldn't be possible without the help and organization of Clover Sport and the collaboration of the Commonwealth of San Millán.

Following the route through the Valle de San Millán it is possible to offer a matchless environment of great cultural wealth and at the same time taking advantage of the economic impact of the event to help improving the natural resources of the area. Participation is open to any participant, both federated and not, from 14 years old onwards.