Implemented 100%

La primera edición del festival Sonoverso se llevará a cabo el 10 de Agosto de 2019 en Berceo, un pequeño pueblo riojano con apenas 170 habitantes.

Sonoverso es un festival de un día que va a revitalizar la zona rural mediante actividades relacionadas con la música, la cultura, la gastronomía y el deporte.

Tu Caja DigiVital

Design 30%

This project is based on the idea of self-reliance and personal empowerment through technology. People will learn how to take advantage of new digital platforms by using different digital banking options in rural environments.

Tu Caja Digivital is totally free for participants and consists of two sessions of 3 hours each. Two consecutive sessions going deeper from an initial approach, security, basic operations, use of online banking until how to make a large purchase and manage the platform from our smartphone.

Financing phase 75%

Duathlon Cuna de Mi Lengua will be the first duathlon in the San Millán Valley (San Millán de la Cogolla, Berceo and Estollo).

This duathlon will also offer a cultural day during which other associations and foundations of the Valley will carry out activities to prove and highlight that towns have much to give. A crucial project to cooperate and join forces to promote our single objective: rural development.

Implemented 100%

The Regionerate project aims to bring coaching and mentoring to entrepreneurship in rural areas. For that purpose, TheWorldIsWine methodology is applied: coaching and mentoring paired with wine.

Regionerate organises several events throughout Spain so young people can hear first-hand experiences about different people who have already tried to change the world.

And we are currently working on many more...

To change the rural world you have to work hard and persevere.