Who we are


Our history

Since 2018, dMillennial actively contributes to the development of a more sustainable world, contributing its bit in relation to projects directly managed in rural areas to fight against one of the main problems of society: rural depopulation.

We are focused on developing projects for people born between 1980-1996 highly interested in rural development. These people, also known as «Millennial Generation», are distinguished primarily by their relevant academic backgrounds and being well-qualified professionals, entrepreneurs and extroverts: the driving force of society.

Up until now, we have undertaken our projects in more than 200 villages all over the world: Spain, Chile, France, Portugal, etc. and our target is to gradually extend beyond these countries.

All this work is achieved thanks to a multidisciplinary team formed of experienced engineers, designers and economists. In addition, we assure total commitment to the projects we develop where every detail is carefully considered.