About us



Project Manager – Formación

Pablo Gómez

Veraneando en Berceo (La Rioja) se fue forjando una gran persona. Tuvo que salir para formarse como profesional y ¡ahora vuelve! Los proyectos se proponen para que siempre sean exitosos. Should we analyze your need?

Project Manager – Gestión

Rubén Pérez

Fan of nature and its villages. Each place which was visited, he is able to get an idea to energize it. Do we implement the idea?

Asesoría legal

Aitor Prado

Las cosas bien hechas desde el principio. A los problems / Solutions. Legal barriers? Rely on us..

Estrategia digital

Andrea Estefanía

At the control of your communication. She´s specialized in custom development and online communication plans. Tell your story?

Consultoría y administración

Andrea Hierro

We needed a generation Z for this piece. Legal, fiscal and juridical, she does not miss one. Will I lend you a hand?

Our history

Since 2018, dMillennial actively contributes to the development of a more sustainable world, contributing its bit in relation to projects directly managed in rural areas to fight against one of the main problems of society: rural depopulation.

La entidad se centra en desarrollar proyectos por personas nacidas entre 1980-1996 con gran interés por el desarrollo rural. Estas personas, conocidas como «Generación Millennial» se caracterizan por ser jóvenes con una alta formación académica, emprendedores y extrovertidos: El motor de la sociedad.

Up until now, we have undertaken our projects in more than 200 villages all over the world: Spain, Chile, France, Portugal, etc. and our target is to gradually extend beyond these countries.

All this work is achieved thanks to a multidisciplinary team formed of experienced engineers, designers and economists. In addition, we assure total commitment to the projects we develop where every detail is carefully considered.