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Born to be rural

How can we help you?

We join and guide along projects that enhance the rural world. We follow you throughout the development and implementation process.

If you wish to be a rural entrepreneur but do not know how to get started , we will advise and put some of our own project on the table that could fit with your original idea.

Working with private people and public entities sharing excitement , ideas and the will to launch disrupting projects.

Last projects

We bring coaching and mentoring to different towns in the peninsula with the aim of proving that entrepreneurship in rural areas is possible in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. On top of that, we introduce a relaxed methodology that promotes the participation of our audience. Always supported by important wineries that match the event with the best wines.

Our principles

We are a young team aware of the rural communities. Furthermore, we know the cutting edges technologies and processes and we apply them in our projects to give a renewed air.

Our actions seek to be sustainable and well located, taking into account the environment and the society in which they are developed.

Our projects aim to improve the area in which they are carried out. Creating added lasting value in our society is our main mission.

Founding partners

Project Manager

Pablo Gómez Romero

Veraneando en Berceo (La Rioja) se fue forjando una gran persona. Tuvo que salir para formarse como profesional, ¡y ahora vuelve! Los proyectos se proponen para que siempre sean exitosos. ¿Analizamos?

International Relations

Carlos A. Serrano Redondo

Las fronteras se le quedaron pequeñas. Llegará a alcanzar lo imposible hasta donde alcancen sus posibilidades. ¿Hablamos?


Josu Gómez Barrutia

Doctor Honoris Causa por Cambridge Internacional en Desarrollo Local y Emprendimiento. Su trayectoria en los campos del desarrollo de ecosistemas de emprendimiento e innovación le avala, y el mundo rural es uno de sus objetivos. ¡Prepararos!

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How can we help you?